A 2001 Supreme Court ruling allowed Good News Clubs access to public facilities after school hours. The Good News Club is a fun, evangelistic club for boys and girls ages 5 through 12 that meets immediately after school. Bessie Road Baptist Church “adopted” the Good News Club and provides the personnel needed to conduct the clubs.

  To find out how you can serve or more information about the GoodNews Club at your child’s school, please call the CEF Greenville/Piedmont Chapter office at 864-292-5842 or email B.J. Bateman, District Director at bj@cefgreenville.com. You can also visit the Greenville/Piedmont District website at www.cefgreenville.com. Good News Club meets at Sue Cleveland Elementary School each Thursday afternoon from 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm.  Each student must have a permission slip from their parents in order to attend



Foreign Missions
Hassan and Constance Abraham--Guyana
Charles and Brenda Arnold—Honduras
Leslie Bourdess--Alaska
Jose and Hannah Gomez--Mexico
Randall and Linda Jordan—Italy
Akbar Masih--Egypt
Jon and Kristi Mason—Philippines
Robbie Mullinax--China
Harry and Melissa Peart—Haiti
David Ruley—Uganda Theruleys2uganda@gmail.com
Art and Irene Sommerville—France
Alexander Spear—Puerto Rico spear@mwbm.org
David and Joy Speights—Thailand
Home Missions
Jonathan Gorman—Armed Forces
Carroll and Jan Hughes--Arizona
Pete and Betty LaFond--South Carolina
Bill and Nancy Mason--South Carolina
Bill and Vicki Richburg--South Carolina
David and Chonia Roth--South Carolina
Under His Wings--South Carolina
Victory Baptist Press—Florida
Greg and Beth Ann Wilt—Oregon

Jim & Autumn Roberts

Craig & Verronica Davidson

Jess Cawilli

The Stanley Family--Australia